Clean Energy Corporation Australia is a
leading commercial and residential solar developer
based in Sydney, offering solar panel installation in


Clean Energy Corporation Australia is a leading Australian commercial and residential solar developer. Our business and reputation is built on, top quality products, coupled with leading design practices and expertise. We are responsible for the design and construction of solar power systems that power Australian homes and businesses. We take pride in delivering long-term savings in costs and greenhouse gas emissions through innovative solar solutions.

Applications Include:


Commercial Rooftops

As a trusted name for solar panels installation in Australia, Clean Energy Corporation Australia designs and constructs customised solar systems for businesses who seek to offset their daytime electricity consumption. Whether it is general consumption, HVAC or commercial lighting that you would like to save electricity costs, we will comprehensively analyse your consumption habits and design a system which will best suit your renewable energy needs.

Residential Rooftops

Clean Energy Corporation Australia provides practical solutions for homeowners wanting to utilise solar to generate their own electricity. We provide high quality solar systems that are customised to the homeowner’s requirements. We ensure this by conducting proper analysis and suggesting the most appropriate options.


Ground Mounted

Clean Energy Corporation Australia recommends and designs ground mounted systems for businesses and rural applications in Australia. Ground mounted systems can provide further cost savings which are realised during the solar panel installation.

Off Grid

Clean Energy Corporation Australia designs and provides off grid solutions for properties located in remote areas without access to electricity provided by the utility grid. In addition, offgrid systems can be utilised for backup purposes when used in conjunction with other hybrid systems.

High Quality Components:


First Tier Manufacturers

Clean Energy Corporation Australia utilises the latest and most advanced solar power system components available in Australia. All products used for our solar panels installations are tier one products manufactured by the most experienced and reputable manufacturers in the world.

Latest Technologies

Clean Energy Corporation Australia utilises technologies that provide the most output and value for individual custom projects. We have experience with all types of modules, inverters, tracking systems and efficiency maximising systems and can recommend the most appropriate options for your premises.

Design And Installation:


Innovative Design

Clean Energy Corporation Australia designs systems that maximise power output whilst considering the physical constraints that may be present on each different site. We design and engineer systems using the most appropriate components whilst educating the client of all the pros and cons of alternate options for their customised solar power system.

Best Practice Installation

Clean Energy Corporation Australia’s staff consists of project managers, engineers, designers, electricians, installers and builders, who work together on our solar panel installations. Whether you’re in rural Australia – we work hard to complete each project to the highest possible standards. We are Clean Energy Council accredited and follow industry best practice along with our own stringent quality control systems. We have extensive experience designing and constructing projects involving our long term commitment of which a proportion we own and as such we understand and rely upon best practices to ensure reliability and maximum power output of all solar power systems we are involved with..


Battery Storage

Clean Energy Corporation Australia provides battery storage systems for solar. Battery systems are commonly used in remote offgrid applications. Battery systems are also great for owners of existing solar systems who wish to gain independence from the utility grid.

Clean Energy Corporation Australia ensures accurate design of solar battery storage systems through careful analysis of the customer‘s battery storage needs.

Our Guarantee:


Competitive Pricing

Clean Energy Corporation Australia’s experience and scale in installing multi-megawatt projects, along with our relationships with top equipment manufacturers and global partners allow us to pass our lower costs on to our customers. Our in-house design team and construction experience allow us to efficiently manage your solar system installation project without compromising quality or service.

Power Output Commitment

Clean Energy Corporation Australia guarantees the amount of electricity that an installed system produces. If the power output falls below the quoted capacity over an annual period, Clean Energy Corporation Australia will refund you the value of electricity expected to be produced.