At Clean Energy Corporation Australia, we guarantee
the amount of electricity our systems produce.



If the solar output of your PPA falls below the quoted capacity over an annual period, we’ll pay you the difference. We provide the latest technology and ongoing monitoring, maintenance and customer service. This ensures your system performs efficiently to save you money.

Solar Monitoring Service and Reporting

Clean Energy Corporation Australia’s Solar Monitoring continuously tracks your system’s key performance metrics and displays how much energy your system is producing throughout the day, month, week and year. It also calculates your lifetime financial savings and environmental benefits. Understanding your energy usage patterns can help your organisation reduce expenses by informing smarter choices on how and when you use electricity.

Rapid Response to System Issues

The Clean Energy Corporation Australia service team keeps an eye on your system output to ensure that it is performing as it should. In the unlikely event that your system under performs, we will alert you and help to remedy the situation. With our Solar PPA, maintenance and repairs are included as part of our service to you.

Protect Your Investment

The value of your solar system is derived from the amount of electricity it produces. Our proprietary Monitoring Service ensures that your system is running smoothly by continuously monitoring your system production.

Clean Energy Corporation Australia is a proud member of the Clean Energy Council and follows the best practices as recommended by the National Electrical and Communication Association.


 Clean Energy Corporation Australia offers a free solar consultation to assess the unique energy needs of your property and provide you with a project cost estimate. Whether you have one facility or many, we can design a solar system that will meet your electricity needs.

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