Clean Energy Corporation Australia is a renewable energy provider across Australia for the
commercial & industrial sector.

» Every second,
our sun produces
enough energy
to sustain
Earth‘s needs
for 500,000
years. «

Solar Products And Services

Solar Feasibility
Solar Design
Solar EPC 

Benefits for ESD Consultants
Value Add and point of difference service for projects requiring or exploring solar PV options.
Allows opportunity for Engineers and Consultants to present operational cost saving measures which can be realised immediately and further enhanced over medium and long terms. Accurate forecasting and cost planning of solar system capital investment.

Stakeholder Engagement
Clean Energy Corporation Australia follows a process through education around the products available. Through this process and together with proper analysis, we are able to build the best financial objectives and understand operational concerns of the project. Our referral network sees it as a value add when providing advice to their clients, showing that they are looking comprehensively into ways to reduce operating costs and showing they are ahead of market trends.